"It’s a perfect slice of beefy fuzz-pedal magic that manages to sound sloppy while actually being tight and precise." -- Paste

"...poignant, powerful and possessing pop songs."  -- The 405


BIRDS is a pysch rock band from Brooklyn. Started as a recording project by Duane Lauginiger, the band first featured a looser circle of musicians and friends, finally settling into a permanent lineup that features Lauginiger (vocals, guitar), Timothy John Plunkett (drums), Jess Rees (guitar), and Jessica Reynoza (bass, vocals.)

The band's debut album, Eveything All At Once, is due out on LP and cassette on August 18th via Greenway Records. It features eight tracks of mangled, fuzzy pop about feeling disconnected. Written at Time Castle (a basement studio run by Lauginiger) and recorded by Paul Kostabi at Thunderdome Studio, its songs meld the hooks of '60s pop with the distorted, blown-out sounds of the '90s.