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"Brooklyn trio Las Rosas upgrades its lo-fi sounds without sacrificing its considerable charms on "Shadow by Your Side," an excellent second album of compelling tunes."  -- The Associated Press

"The a-side, “Christa,” is a nice bit of Kinks-influenced, lightly psychedelic guitar pop, while the flip, “Lost Cat,” is more of a garage-y rave-up."                   -- BrooklynVegan

The autumns of teenage years often pass unhurried, like a languid river, unaware of its eventual violent end down a crushing waterfall. In this metaphor, Las Rosas are three shed leaves, floating and bobbing on the water's surface, edging closer to the muddy banks, then climbing out of the water, walking along the road on their little brown stems, piling into their sea-foam-green van, driving away, and releasing "Flower in the Sun" and "Ms. America" (Dizzybird Records 2015). They're the little leafs you see driving around the USA, playing rock shows far and wide, with their little guitars and drums. No autumn leaf, if you bothered to check, ever stops moving.

Christopher (the birch leaf) plays the drums, even with a broken hand, when he needs to. Jose A is the red leaf of a Japanese maple and not a picky eater, except when it comes to sweets. He plays bass and shares a first name with singer Jose B, who incorporates lead guitar-playing with mixed results-- he is the needle of a long-leaf pine.