Linen Closet began as the bedroom studio project of Adam Hilton as he began writing songs while playing in and engineering many other musical projects and working as a sound designer for theatre. His love of quiet, gut wrenching, well crafted songs, his appreciation for theatrics (his father and uncle were professional opera singers), and his fascination with avant sound art (Hugo Ball, Kurt Schwitters, and Stockhausen were heroes of younger years) led him to a fast friendship with fellow composer and sound designer for theatre Henna Chou (Director of avant-garde arts collective COTFG & co-producer of NMASS fest). He shared early demos with her and with her encouragement, began fleshing out the project.

He began working extensively out of Shine Studios in Austin from 2010 - 2013, where he recorded the 2011 EP Bright Wing and all tracking for his upcoming LP. He’d become such a fixture of the studio that he’s helped it through many overhauls and a move in 2016 to its current incarnation, King Electric Recording. During this time, Linen Closet's live band saw many iterations as they found their musical footing, from ukulele, trumpet, and drum machine 3-piece to a 14-piece orchestral .

The new record was mixed in 2014 but stalled due to complicating life factors, including the departure of key artistic contributors and the death of friend and contributor to the band Ethan Greene. Momentum for the record picked back up at the encouragement of fans and members new and old, and as the dust cleared on many other projects the band have been able to focus their efforts to give a record they’re very proud of the support it deserves.

This record is a snapshot of Linen Closet’s transition from hushed home studio project to a band exploring the extent of its influences, extending from cerebral pop ballads and hushed orchestral arrangements to bedroom dirges and meditative experimentalism.