Native Sun by Rick Perez.jpg

"...three minutes and thirty eight seconds of melodic psych rock with splashes of guitar riffs and cool vocals that amount to one very pleasing song."  -- Culture Collide

Native Sun is a four-piece rock ’n’ roll band from New York City. Loud and urgent, their music breeds a beautiful chaos evocative of each member's experiences. 

Frontman Danny Gomez first met lead guitarist Jake Pflum while growing up in Florida. After years without contact, they reconnected by chance on a random evening in NYC, rekindling their friendship over their mutual obsession for The Rolling Stones and Velvet Underground. They immediately forced their best friend Alexis Castro to play drums (who had only just recently began teaching himself how to play.) Bassist Mo Martinez uprooted to the city from Monterrey, Mexico — in hopes of playing music, he reached out to Danny through mutual friends and naturally completed the band's lineup.

Native Sun’s debut EP, Songs Born From Love and Hate, is due out November 17th via PaperCup Music. The five-track release includes single “Palindrome,” which was recently featured on Glassnote Records’ Noteworthy 01 compilation highlighting emerging NYC-based bands.