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"A jerky, classic party thrasher, the song pummels hard on taut drums from Rachel Zisette and Matt Keim’s charging guitars."  -- Consequence of Sound

The members of QWAM think they have the most fun on stage in Brooklyn. They say they’ve got a slow song as good as their fast ones, and that it’s ok to put calamari on pizza. They’ve been going steady with punk, but have been caught kissing outside their genre. They think they’re cutest when sweaty, charming when drunk, and are definitely not sorry when some dancing hooligans spill your beer at their show. Party on.

Led by Felicia Lobo and backed by the dance moves of Matt Keim, Eddie Kuspiel, and Rachel Zisette, QWAM plays heartfelt anthems about life, love, and the pursuit of cheese. Feed Me is the first EP they're proud to show their moms. Written during 3am subway rides, perfected in sweaty Brooklyn basements, and recorded with their friends at a studio, its songs are about ordering takeout in the pursuit of love and the strength found in being yourself. Feed Me was produced, engineered, and mixed by Jack Counce at Studio G and mastered by Caleb Lewis.