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Spritzer started as a side project spurred by some free recording time at Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn, circa 2015. Matthew Meade, founder of Brooklyn band Friend Roulette, had written some music that didn’t fit the angular and abstract compositions of his band, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with the seemingly “normal” songs. “I didn’t know anything else to do but  to show them to Julia of Friend Roulette,” he explains, “who, upon hearing a song called ‘Melt,’ laughed and said, 'Hell no, I’m not singing that!’”

Meade considers Spritzer a social club of sorts, but the core group consists of Ryan Weiner (Tiny Hazard), James Preston (Maybird, Sam Kogan), and Kyle Olson (Friend Roulette). Their first full-length, Love, Lies, Decay, came from a scatterbrained recording session in Connecticut with producer Ariel Loh. Most of the songs were half-finished and completed in the recording process — and then it took damn near a year just to write lyrics. 

A genre-bending album that takes inspiration from all corners of music — including indie rock, Americana, bossa nova, and a touch of rhumba — Love. Lies. Decay. will be released on April 27th via Paper Garden Records. Despite the many genre jumps, the core idea of Spritzer is constant: Don’t die, have a drink, and enjoy yourself.