"The song sports a swirling chord progression that materializes around it's theme of metamorphosis. It's earthy, assertive and confrontational, mimicking the very unavoidable nature of change itself."  -- The FADER

Stonefield is made up of four sisters -- Amy, Hannah, Sarah, and Holly Findlay -- from Victoria, Australia, who began playing together when they ranged in age from just seven to fifteen. Their very first song, "Foreign Lover," was recorded by eldest sister Amy for a school project and entered in triple j's Australia-wide unsigned band competition, Unearthed High, as an afterthought. It ended up winning first place, and before long, the band had two singles on the radio and an invitation to play Glastonbury.

Stonefield has since released two EPs and their debut S/T LP, toured extensively and played festivals all over the world, and opened for everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Meat Puppets. Their latest release, As Above So Below, was released in April 2017 and features ten epic jams that range from doomy stoner rock to dreamy, swirling psych-rock.