"Each riff twists and shakes, maintaining modernity while conjuring images of road trips and huge waves. Such is the unabashed coolness of a solid rock song." -- CLRVYNT

"...garage-rock trio the Bingers stack up the sticky-sweet bangers on Stay Satisfied"  -- Chicago Reader

Chicago’s The Bingers (that’s “bing-ers,” not “binge-ers,” though the band admits that’s a pretty good name too) is made up of brothers Ronnie & Teddy and longtime friend Jack. The three grew up skating and playing music together, but it wasn’t until they called their first official band practice that they realized they had an interesting dynamic on their hands: all three played guitar and wrote their own songs. Luckily, Teddy had an old drum set lying around (and some past experience playing), and over time, all three became comfortable taking on the role of percussion section and sharing songwriting duties. Taking a cue from bands like the Oblivians and The Gories, they decided to continuously switch roles throughout their set, and they found that writing for two guitars, in place of guitar & bass, only added to their gritty, garage and blues-influenced sound.

The Bingers’ debut LP, Stay Satisfied, was recorded in the winter of 2016 after an inspired jam session, just as the band was thinking about calling it quits. A testament to self-sufficiency and a strong DIY ethic, it was self-recorded to 1/2” tape on an 8-track — sold to the guys by their good friend Shimby McCreery, who also mixed and mastered the album — with the band teaching themselves to use recording equipment and solder bad wiring connections as they went. The album’s title addresses the numerous compromises that they’ve had to make in order to get a cohesive sound from three different minds. It’s also sound advice for the current state of things: while it’s tough to feel good in spite of the constant “barrage of daily bullshit” dominating the news, it’s important to take time out — and let ourselves be distracted with good news from time to time — to keep us feeling ok.

Stay Satisfied is due out April 28th via Tall Pat Records.