"...four minutes of thumping, synthing wonder."  -- StereoguM

"Walrus bring about a magnificent explosion of noise and heat."  -- Consequence of sound

"The four-piece paints some extremely chill '60s-sounding rock, employing smooth guitars and dreamy vocals."  -- CLRVYNT


Walrus are here to play for the sake of the song. The Halifax based band's debut LP, Family Hangover, is a fuzzed-out electric blanket of soul with unrepentant strands of authentic heaviosity. Extensive studio experimentation can be heard throughout the sonically unique record, from varispeed warble to Spacemen-3 style saucer drone-attacks. Live, their low-key manner belies a depth and dedication to craft. This band could be thrown on a bill between Love and Sabbath and not embarrass the present.